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iAtkos issues


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Ok guys, if I'm posting here it's because I've tried everything that has come to my mind so far.. I've googled to death and I haven't been able to solve this.


So here's the thing: I'm trying to install whichever distro of hackintosh that works on my desktop pc, but the only one that seems to have worked is iAtkos. I've tried with iDeneb, Kalyway and Leo4All and the only one that has brought me to the mac screen is this one. So I just went on with the installation and everything was fine, I selected the appropriate drivers and so on. Installation finished happily, I restarted and to my surprise Chameleon bootloader wasn't working! It was just booting into Windows 7 directly... so I thought it could be an issue with the installation of the bootloader and I installed Chameleon again throught the installer on the iAtkos dvd. It didn't work tho, so I also tried with Chameleon v2 and with Xiezhy Bootloader, none of them working.


I also thought maybe I couldn't need any bootloader at all if I used GRUB2 (Ubuntu's bootloader), which is able to boot Mac by itself. To my surprise it didn't work neither, it led me to a black screen with no blinking cursor or anything.


I still wonder why I can't boot my Mac at all, but the weird thing is that before booting Windows 7, it shows something like "boot0: done" for a fraction of a second, and that reminds me some problems I had time ago with Chameleon on my laptop, which means that Chameleon is actually there, even thought it doesn't work for some reason :S


Do you have any idea about what's going on or how to solve it? Thank you in advance, here you have the distribution of my partitions and an attached DirectX diagnostic if it can help.





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