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Unlocking a hardware locked OS X Installer


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I have a Leopard disc for a mac mini that I want to install on my powerbook g4 1.67ghz. After i select the language, the installer tells me that it can not be installed on "this computer". I know that the installer has some sort of check to verify that it's being installed on a mac mini. I figured that it would be in the Distribution file, in the form of a method. I ripped the disc to a read/write image, and used pacifist to extract the Distribution file. Inside, the are a few hardware checks, but none of them are relevant. In fact, it seems as if the Distribution file is not specific to the mac mini at all.


I looked online a bit and found this page here:




Seems to me that there is a plist file that is preventing the install. The only problem is, there is no OSInstallCache.plist, as promised by the above linked instructions.


What shall I do?

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I couldn't unlock the DVD either.


There is also these link: http://share-it.gatech.edu/campus/departme...-os-x-installer


Couldn't get it to work, though.


If someone wants something useful to do, i would be nice to create an intermediate bootable cd that could turn any snow leopard/leopard DVD bootable on any mac.

That would be great.

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