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Restore Carbon Copy Cloner DMG to Hard Drive

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I used my old iMac for most of computer work, but now it doesn't work.


So I bought a new Macbook, and I want restore the DMG I made in the iMac using CCC.


Both the iMac and the Macbook is running Snow Leopard, and I have the installation dvd's.


How can I restore my DMG to my new Macbook's hard drive?





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Hey turn your new mac with the installation DVD in. Then hold ALT key until the start options appear then select DVD and once you are inside the installation system go to the top menu and get inside disk utility select your imac hard drive format it if it isn't yet journal mode then again to the menu scan image to restore scan the image you should have in another hard drive so make sure you plugged it. If is iMac then you need an external USB box in order to do it. Once the image has been scanned go back to the formatted drive and click the restore tab and load the image to be restored.


I might miss something but this is what I can remember from memory.


If alt doesn't work try C key until the apple appears it should go straight to read the DVD.


Good luck.

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