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switching fro vmware install to native


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ok i was having problems with my vmware install so i trashed the partition and re-installed since i've learned a bit and i think i understand some.


anyhow, after i re-installed unstead of trying to change the kext's for the ati southbridge and what not (i have a athlon 64 3500+ with ati xpress200 , the chip as far as i can tell is a sb400- or ixp 200 ?)


but anyhow, when i try to boot native, the applegeneric ATA kext loads and it correcly detects that its disk0s1


and it even shows the label/name of the harddisk.


then it stops and gives me waiting for root.



i've installed this kext for the ati southbridge





but now it boots and gives me a disk i/o error



i'm going to search for that and if i get no luck switch to this kext:





i've changed my hdd's, switched the drive to different channels, removed other drives everything...



any ideas?

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