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Hai. I screwed up.

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As I said, I screwed up. I deleted my whole hard disk, thinking OSX (iAtkos s3) was the right choice for me. Well it probably is, but only if I manage to get it running properly. That's quite hard.


The installation was successful, but I have two things to worry about:


1.) I own a 24" Full HD monitor (1920x1080). I edited the com.apple.Boot.plist file and added "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32". This has had only one result: The resolution changed to 1440x900 and won't change to 1920x1080. I don't know why. Why?


2.) Internet access is not working. Everytime I try to configure it using the assistant, I can not choose any of the connection options (LAN in my case), it is pre-set to dialup modem and I'm not able to change that, + it is grey.


Thanks for any help.

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1stly you change your monitors resolution in 'System Profiler' the edit you hvae made to boot.plist will only set the resolution for Chameleon boot screens.


2nd - when asking questions like this you must provide full details of the hardware you are using.

Please take time to create a signature listing your hardware.

I can't try to answer your NIC question until I know what NIC you have !


3rdly - IMHO - When you are experimenting like this you should ALWAYS keep a working installation, whether it be Windows or OSX, on a separate HDD.



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In the "display" options I can only choose one option - 1440x900. Is that the right thing?


yes - you don't have your GFX working properly in that case.

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listen mate - I've asked you to supply a full list of your hardware.

Fankly any answer I give will be p1ss1ng in the wind until i know what you have.


Open your PC case and have a look if thats what it takes !


Once you know what kit you have then use google and search for answers on how to get them working.


You are not the 1st person to build a hack so the chances are the answers you are looking for are already out there !


Search and Read !

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