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Hello again... I tried to install iAtkos and followed one tutorial i chosed chameleon bootloader v4

but when I'm finished and take my DVD out and PC restarts it just boots Win7 again...


EDIT: I've done it... changed order of boot devices in bios... but now when i start pc it boots mac by default... is there any way I coul make default windows and when i press and key i get to chose?

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ok , here's what ive done :


1. I have Windows 7 installed and i wanna intsall Hackintosh/Mac os


2.Download EasyBCD as a standby


3.Install Mac OS X/Hackintosh on to your another partition


4.Fix your windows 7 with windows 7 install CD :

-Select language

-After language menu select repair pc

-Select another option than the option which writes repair using backup CD

-Use command prompt and type , diskpart

-Then type list disk

-Select your windows disk , select disk *

-Type list partition , here you could see your windows : System Reserved , 100MB partition

-Select that partition by typing Select partition *

-Type active and restart


5.Now you couldnt boot to OSX ! Dont worry


6.Boot to Windows and install EasyBCD


7.As default , your boot has set Windows 7 as default


8.Add new boot to Mac OS X , as MBR then done =)


PS:If you have resolution prob , try delete all related to intel 3100 kexts , =) thats what ive done to repair my resolution

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