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Help with Installing Mac on PC (of course) [duh]


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ok so here are a few of my specs:


mobo - ASUS P5LP-LE

Integrated GMA 950


not-SATA DVD drive


so I've tried to install Mac via Kalaway and iATKOS. However, I would prefer to install Mac using my retail Snow Leopard CD. I use Empire EFI to boot 2 the retail disk. Anyways, when I get to the installer, it either freezes or it says it couldn't copy the necessary support files halfway through. Like I said, I have tried and failed to install Kalaway and iATKOS but I prefer to use a bootloader and boot to my retail disk. So who can help me??? Please help. Also, I tried disconnecting my Windows drive and that didn't work either. I have Winnoob 7 on one drive and I want Mac on the other. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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