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Can only boot in safe mode!

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I recently used this Guide to install retail Snow Leopard onto my AMD machine...


Now when i try and boot from the boot cd into my mac OSX to finish the setup as per the 'after setup' sections of the guide, i get the screen in the attached picture.


I can boot into it but only in safe mode. But when in safe mode i cannot connect to internet (internal wireless), it wont recognize any DVD's i put it, and it wont let me use any flash drives.


Any ideas?????


My specs are:

AMD Phenom II X4 955

Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H


4GB DDR3 1033 RAM




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this because that the retail dvd contain driver for your hd4850

so boot on save mode

and install enabler for you card :)

good luck

WOW you're the man Mohamed. Thanks to you got my hackintosh working 100% :)



First try at this sorta thing, no previous mac used at all and its all working down to my internel wireless Internet card. Thanks again

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