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Atheros AR5B91

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Hello all!

First may I say what an amazing job you have all done with this, simply amazing. Thank you!

Right, I have my Acer Aspire 5535, installed iPc10.5.6 with no problems as I read up on what kexts to install etc. The whole thing runs without a hitch. However, wireless.... :(

I know this has been asked before, but the last post on it was over a year ago. Just wondering if anyone has any news on when we might be able to expect a fix, or even if ive missed something through my extensive Googling. As mentioned in the title the card is a Atheros AR5B91.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance


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It's a good news,bad news answer.First the bad,I could never get that card working in Leopard.Now the good,in Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and up it works natively right out of the box.You might want to consider upgrading to Snow Leopard

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Oh wow! Thats brilliant!

Thank you so much for your help, greatly appreciated!

However, after abit of digging I notice iPc doesnt actually do a Snow Leopard version, which is a shame as none of the other distros worked for me. Ill give them a shot anyway!

Just out of intrest, which do you personally recommend?! I ask as you obviously have the same card as me, and using the same distro would be a good start.

Again, thank you!



Scratch that, there are no distros.

I think im going to use the USB Method to install it. Any views on this?!


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Wireless card wise it really shouldn't matter, as all methods should support your card.

That being said I think you will have an easier time with a Snow Leopard install now that you have a working Leopard install to go by.You know your hardware and what kexts you need to get everything working now.

With over half a million members here there should be no lack of information,90% of questions can be answered with the site Search.

I would however recommend buying a cheap portable 2.5 inch harddrive(i just got a 250gb Seagate on sale for $69)

Why you ask?

Well, what I do is take it out of it's case and replace the orginal laptops harddrive with it.Then put the laptop harddrive in the USB case.This way you still have a working install you can boot from if something goes wrong with your new install and you need to do repairs.Plus once you get Snow Leopard up and running you can partition it and also put a Time Machine backup or a Carbon Copy Clone image of the new Snow Leopard install on it.This way you will always have a way to restore your system.It might not seem important now but at some point it will be.

Taking the harddrive out of a laptop is usually just a couple of screws,The usb cases come apart easily too.


That's the best advice I can give(Always have a second way to boot and always have a way to restore),good luck ,hope things go well for you.

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Hello there guys! Im typing this message to you on my brand new Snow Leopard. How exciting!

Just a couple of issues. Laptop Keyboard and Trackpad dont work, however I just need the PS2 Kexts for that, and ive accidently installed it on my Ext. HDD. Bit of a pain but not a biggie, as I now know what to do to install it, and I know its going to work.

Thank you all for your help and advice!



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