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Retail Snow Leopard on JHL90 board (With pictures!)


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I have this laptop from Cyberpower. The laptop has a completely blank hard drive with 1 partition. The BIOS supplied with the computer is extremely basic - you can only change boot order.


I also have a Windows 7 desktop running Leopard as a virtual machine.


This is the process I follow to try to get Snow Leopard installed on my blank laptop:


-Downloaded a Chameleon boot disk

-Burned to a CD

-Booted from the CD

-Replace CD with a retail Snow Leopard DVD

-Wait for the disk to spin down

-Hit F5 to reload the page

-Push down and select "Boot Verbose"


This is what happens:


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Alternatively, when I used the "Kakewalk" install method (Windows method), I got this error:


Image 4


I know the Kakewalk disk does not state that it supports my board, but it does seem to get it a step further... either way I cannot reach the Mac OSX install screen. If I don't use verbose mode, it goes to the grey apple screen then tells me to either restart my computer, or shows a stop signal and halts all operation.


I've seen a lot of tutorials that involve all kinds of complex compiling in OSX to get it to work, but each tutorial leaves out information or assumes too much.


If anyone out there can help, I would be so grateful.

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