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Hardware for Hackintosh

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I want to install mac os x to my pc (dualboot would be nice). I already had a hackintosh some years ago, but there were some instabilities and problems with standard software. Now I need mac os x for programming and Video Editing. (Gaming with Starcraft 2 would be nice).

I've the following configuration:


Gigabyte X48-DQ6

Intel Core2 Quad Q8200

Nvidia Geforce GTX 280

and 4GB RAM


My questions:

Will there be any problems with this components?

Are there still any constraint when using a hackintosh instead of a real mac (especially stability)?

And I want to use the apple wireless keyboard and the new multitouch pad...will this work either?

(I don't have an bluetooth dongle yet, any suggestions?)


Thanks for your help.

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I would suggest searching for you Mobo first, see if anyone else has had success. I know the video, with some tricks, works, I have seen posts on it. Your processor should work fine. You may want to look up any other devices (network, sound, etc) as well. You could also try the Wiki.

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Thx for responses. It seems that the board will work with mac os, regarding to some forum threads. Hope the videocard will have 3D acceleration under osx. Can't find my components in the wiki.


But what about the stability of mac osx on a pc? I remember having some trouble with itunes and iwork on my last hackintosh.



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