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HP DV5 1130 ev Issues @ SL

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I have some problems with HP 1130ev, sleep and sound. (IDT)


1) Have no Sleep ! I have generated a dsdt.aml, changed (RTC) field from 8 to 2 but dont anything more to do for having sleep.

You can see my dsdt here.


2)I have some problems with HP 1130ev and sound. (IDT)


lёfechka here gave me some solutions for having sound on SL but unfortunately all of them have at least one problem.


VoodooHDA working well but cant respond on laptop's mute button. System's sound showing mute when i press the mute button, but i can still hear the sound. No real mute at all. I even tried this method with Soundflower but nothing happens.


Today i tried this . Working fine and mute but does not UNmute. :blink: When i press the mute/unmute button for unmute nothing happens and needs to increase the volume from the laptop's volume adjuster for responding.


AppleHDA working almost perfect...but half of boots are Kernel Panics! See that KP .



And if system boot successfully, having some errors . (see here )

LegacyAppleHDA same as AppleHDA itself with HDAenabler. Same KP :/


I am now on 10.6.2 .

0x111D76B2 so my dev id (decimal) = 287143602


IOPCIPrimaryMatch = 0x293e8086


And this is my pinconfig (found @ Win7 on this registry tab ) :

00a71c1f 00a71d10 00a71e21 00a71f02 00b71c20 00b71d10 00b71ea1 00b71f02 00c71cf0 00c71d00 00c71ef0 00c71f40 00d71c10 00d71d11 00d71e17 00d71f90 00e71c2e 00e71d10 00e71ea1 00e71f28 00f71cf2 00f71d00 00f71ef0 00f71f40 01471cf3 01471d00 01471ef0 01471f40 01871c70 01871d03 01871ea6 01871f90 01971cf5 01971d00 01971ef0 01971f40 01e71ca0 01e71d10 01e71e44 01e71f21 01f71cf5 01f71d00

01f71ef1 01f71f40 02071cf6 02071d00 02071ef1 02071f40 02771cf7 02771d00 02771ef0 02771f40 00000034


I would appreciate some help please.


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