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Theres Two MAC's lol

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Lets try this out guys, lets use our transportation devices.... go to 100 West Broadway in

Glendale, CA 91210.



Lets visit the Apple Store, now lets leave the Apple Store.... What is directly in front of you? The MAC Store....


Lets visit the MAC Store, now lets leave the MAC Store.... What is directly in front of you? The Apple Store....



You think I am making this up? You think its a joke? I have been there. I wonder if they guys work at both stores. :))


The apple store just has the APPLE for the sign, the MAC store just says MAC.





Zone B [Level 2]

(818) 502-8310

Category: Technology & Electronics


MAC Cosmetics

Zone B [Level 2]

(818) 244-0081

Category: Bath & Beauty



BTW: I know my avatar is a little kitty, however I am not affiliated with, nor do I know kittierocks, and never heard of him?/her before reading this thread....and I miss the day that I could proudly display my REAL apple logo without giving someone who is less than tech savvy the wrong idea! In addition, my Kitty will out rock yours anyday!



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I wonder how many people go to MAC (Cosmetics) asking for an Apple computer?


My girlfriend goes there to buy her iShadow and iLiner :)


[lame joke, I know...]

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