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How does this build look? Should I have any problems?

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Hey guys, I want to build a Hackintosh and I think I have most of the details ironed out, but before I pulled the plug I wanted to run the configuration by as many eyes as possible! Ideally, I'd like a stable build that has no problems with Final Cut Studio and Logic Pro. The specs are as follows:



Any other peripherals should not affect the build one way or another - Hackintosh or not. With the parts listed, however, should compatibility be an issue? I understand that the latest generation of ATI video cards is not yet supported, and if I wanted to take the foolproof route in that regard, I'd have to go with the equally expensive but far less capable Nvidia GeForce GTX 285, which I'd like to avoid if possible. Somehow, I just can't justify spending so much money on last generation's card. ;)


My logic with choosing the HD 5770 instead (and correct me if I'm wrong here) is that since the HD 5770 is going to be in the new Mac Pros, that we can expect first party drivers to be released that should work with some minimal tweaking, right?


Also, I wasn't able to find sufficient information regarding CrossFire and SLI in the OS X environment. While Apple has long offered multiple video cards on the Mac Pro, is it safe to assume that they're running in CrossFire, or does Apple give that option just so that people can connect additional monitors?


My other question (and the reason why I included the Blu-Ray burner) was to ask how people are generally using such burners. Since Apple itself still doesn't give the option to install a Blu-Ray burner, is it a problem to find drivers? What software to people generally use to play the disks, since OS X obviously cannot read them?


Forgive me if these questions are simple or common - like I said earlier, I just want to run my thoughts by more people before I buy something so expensive and run the risk of it all not working.


Thanks in advance!

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Actually, ATI's newest GPUs do work for hackintoshes. Just not for real Mac Pros yet. :(


The 5870 already works, I don't know if anyone has tried the 5770 but it should work too.


No, Apple does not support CrossFire under OS X. Multiple GPUs under Snow Leopard is solely for multiple monitors, nothing more. You can still use CrossFire under Windows, though.


As you cannot read Blu-ray discs in 10.6 no matter what, most people rip them with MakeMKV and then convert them to a more palatable format (or not) with HandBrake.


Otherwise your hardware looks fine.

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Thanks Mackilroy! About the 5870 - if I were to go with that card, does it matter which brand I get (XFX, Gigabyte, Sapphire, etc)? I ask, because the compatibility wiki specifies the board manufacturer, which seems to imply that the brand does matter.

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