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I need for Intel Mac ICQ client that will suit my needs.

I've looked for Fink ported *nix IM clients but haven't found any worth my interest.

There's three simple things I need:

- it must be able to run on Intel Mac

- it must be rather stable and feature rich (no less than original ICQ)

- it must have compatible database or it must be able to import/export it, because I plan to use ICQ on Windows machine sometimes and I need to keep my message history monolite. Not simply contacts but history!


Now I use 2001b on my Windows machine and I don't need any modern version, I don't need ICQ 5 on Mac.

BTW, does ICQ 3 for Macs actually run on Intel Macs? I suppose it is OS9 binary, and AFAIK Rosetta don't support 'em, isn't it? I strongly need for info on ICQ 3 because it seems to me it is my only candidate.

Thanks a lot.

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