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bootmgr is missing, when i have my mac os hd plugged in?

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hi, i recently installed osx 10.6.4 using the myhack method onto a 2.5 200gb toshiba hd.

this will boot up fine if i have my other two 1tb wd drives connected or not, but when i want to run windows 7 from one the 1tb drives when i have the mac hd connected i keep getting the bootmgr is missing and have to repair it and i then have to unplug the mac hd when i want to run windows. Has anyone else experience anything like this and know why it does this and have a way to fix it?



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I installed Snow Leopard after Windows and also had trouble with bootmgr. What happens is that Windows installs its boot files in the first connected HDD, not the one where the \Windows folder is. Which means that if you try to boot from the Windows partition through Chameleon, some needed files will be missing.


What I did to fix things was re-install the aforementioned files through the Windows installation DVD. Boot from it, go into 'Repair your computer', and open the command prompt. Find out what the letter of your Windows partition is by running:


list volume


After you find it, run the following commands, replacing 'Z:' for the correct letter, and 'en-us' for your language code:

bcdboot X:\Windows /l en-us /s Z: /v
bootsect /nt60 Z: /force


Exit the prompt, the installation environment, then reboot and see if things work.

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