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Change boot-display; disable LVDS?

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So, the backlight on my 2-or-so years old MBP broke, and I decided to create a small desktop Mac out of the MBP.


The problem is when the laptop is booting up, it's using the internal display (no longer connected) as primary display, and isn't using the external one until I'm inside the OS.


I want to change this.


Is there some kind of way to edit EFI boot strings, or something similar so it boots using the external display (DVI/VGA) instead of the internal display (LVDS)? Perhaps using rEFIt?

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I have a similar Problem with an Intel Imac.


I have found out so far using a second machine and tick syncronisation and reinstall the disk. Than you are fine until you have to do a new installation.


the best would be to add a string as a boot option or change something like the boot plist on the install DVD to reach the 2nd screen during boot.


But I don't have the knowledge what has to be changed.


Any help, thanks in advance.

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