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my new build

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Hey I'm trying to take advantage of the intel and amd price cuts. I am planning on overclocking this system eventually i'll buy aftermarket cooling later. Pretty sure that asrock mobo works pretty well for overclocking. The ram has low timings. The PSU should also be good enough to handle the overclock. I dont know if it's worth to get an amd 3800 dual core instead of this one. But I cant seem to figure out if that build would end up being cheaper or not. Thanks.


Motherboard : ASRock 775i945GZ mATX $62.99



CPU : Intel Pentium D 805 533 Mhz $101



Ram : pqi TURBO 1gb (2 x 512) ddr2 533 $80.99



Hard Drive : Hitachi Deskstar 80 gb sata II $41.99


Dont know if this is a good hard drive choice for this mobo i think it is i'll be using that myans cd to install on 10.4.5 so yaaaaaaaa.


PSU : Thermaltake Silent PurePower $39.99



DVD combo : SAMSUNG Black $23.99



Case : Linkworld 3210 $24.99


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The on-board Realtek ALC888 is not very common. You may have trouble there (example: the ALC882 is known to work, but the ALC883 still gives some people trouble even though a "fix" exists for it). The Intel 945GZ chip is unproven on this forum. It does have GMA950 AND support for Conroe which is a rare combination. OSX86 Conroe compatibility is still a little too early to tell though...


After lots of research, I ordered this mainboard/CPU today:


Motherboard: Intel D945GPMLKR (an Intel Viiv-certified board)

CPU: Intel Pentium D 840


This board has the Sigmatel 9220, which has a known working kext. There have even been reports that the SPDIF output works on this board! Everything else should work out of the box (TI Firewire, Intel Gigabit LAN, SATA, etc) The only downside I found to this board is no overclocking. But the Pentium D 840 should be plenty of horsepower (and a good space heater in the winter!).


This motherboard + CPU combo is $190 after rebate here:



Your other components look great, but you might spring for a quieter hard drive such as the Samsung SpinPoint SATAII. Samsung makes nearly silent 3.5 inch drives:




BTW, I fell in love with this SFF case, and decided to go for it, despite its ridiculous cost:



Good luck!

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