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What to do about wifi


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I have some advise for those of you who use osx86 on...

Wireless Networks


Desktop computers

Get a bridge such as the DWL-810+ or a PS2/XBOX Linksys adapter.


Laptop computers

Install using vmWare unless you are 100% sure that the wifi card will work... I have to run osx86 under Windows just because my wifi card isnt supported... and I cant use my laptop in school without it.


For those who just dont give a doodle

Buy an iBook or a Powermac... or something... less hassle.

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Well, for wifi



Get mini pci with chipset similiar to the AppleAirport card should be able to work (maybe with a little modification).



The Ralink RT2500 USB chipset is reported to work with driver from Ralink. Do some search on this forum.

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