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Powerbook G4 power issues

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So I've got a Powerbook G4, it's a zombie.


It's the 1.33ghz model, 15", however I have a 1.67ghz logic board installed and running well with 2gb of RAM, no lower ram slot issue.


This morning, my battery was running down at work, so i went to plug it in, seems harmless.


It shut off completely.


Then, I go to turn it back on, at first it wouldn't, but after a couple tries, it does come back to life every time you hit the power button, however it has to be plugged in.


The battery is less than a year old, a Rayovac replacement bought at batteries plus. It has worked very well for me until today.


What do people suggest?


The first couple times I tried unplugging it, it would shut off completely, and then the battery would appear to be dead, 0% charge. I can leave it for about 30 minutes, take out the battery, check the lights, put it back in, all that jazz, and now the battery says 74% charge, but if I unplug the laptop, it shuts right off.


The logic board was bought new, it's not a pulled one.


Is there anything I can do? I just bought a new camera, and laid out $700 for it, so I don't exactly have the money for a new laptop (or even a used one).


I don't want a netbook, but I may not have a choice (I could kill a paycheck and buy a netbook to get my by on for now).


I guess keeping it plugged in isn't terrible, but this is a big problem for me, as I use it for work every day of the week.


Is there anything I can try doing to it? I still have the old logic board, which does not recognize RAM, so I guess I'll toss that in the oven tonight and see if a reflow brings it back to life, because that's better than nothing right now.


Am I vastly overlooking anything?

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Apple power input board is probably shot, if I reset the PMU before putting in the battery I can run off the battery, if I turn it off I can switch between the two.


Solution: Bought a used MacBook Pro 1,1 for $675. Beats the Powerbook which is now an portable desktop.

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