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My BCM94321MC doesn't work


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after read some topic post about wireless that support on snow leopard.


i got this one from ebay.

but when i replace it in my benq s41 and try to insert device id in info.plist. it still does not found in snow leopard.


how can i fix this problem.


thank you very much.

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i using 10.6.4 install it from IAKOS S3 v2 10.6.3



Hi impboy,


I own a benq s41 as well.


I was hoping I could ask you some questions.


I'm about to install snow leopard on it and was actually about to buy the exact same wireless card you you mentioned in your post online.


I was wondering if you ever managed to get it working? and also my wireless card in my benq has 3 antenna cables. but the one you bought only seems to have 2 connectors... did you just connect the grey and black antenna cables? Does the antenna just click in and out?


Many thanks,

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