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OSX Boot options?

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I've tried searching around on this forum, although the search engine is an arse pain unless you know the exact terms sequentially and all...anyway, I have an installation of 10.4.6 that I installed through vmware on my main desktop, then copied the hdd over to an external drive and copied it over to my toshiba m35-s456. It's a non-pae centrino laptop, but I still cant manage a native install, and vmware still gives me pae errors, so I tried this method.


Where its at now, it boots to the darwin bootloader and when I do a verbose output boot it freezes after it reaches the firewire loading up...simply hangs there endlessly, no panics or anything. I've tried booting with -s, -x, platform=x86 etc (or whatever that one is) and it's identical everytime. Is there anything else anyone could suggest trying in order to get a full boot up? It seems to recognize the processor fine and all, and the hdd etc, it just dosn't give any visual indication of WHY it's stalling.

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