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Mouse and Keyboard Problems during Install


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I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7300 Laptop.


The first installation i did was the:



This was working really well, every thing worked fine. But after some hours the laptop started making kernel panics.



Now i tryed to install the newer version:



Just as before, i did boot from the DVD. Once in was in the installation screen, my touchpad and keyboard did not respond. (they did respond on the previous version of OSX)


Maybe there are some mouse and keyboard drivers on the old version, which the new one doesnt have? It is not a bad installation DVD, because i could install the 10.4.6 perfectly on my desctop P4C800-Deluxe. In hich directory can i find the drivers? Is it possible to put them from the old to the new disk (using toast or somthing)? Anny suggestions how to make the newer version work? Or should i try to get an other istallation disc, which one?


Thanks for the help! I tryed to find a solution on the interrnet, but there wass nothing to find abaut it.

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