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Mandriva Linux 2010.1 Released

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They are late, it was due for release on June 3.


The reason is Mandriva's uncertain financial future.


It is a shame. Mandriva is a great distribution, the first created with user friendliness in mind, and still doing very well, together with its derivative, PCLinuxOS.

If you buy Powerpack, you get all commercial drivers and plugins.

And maybe that is the problem: people don't want to pay for a linux distribution any longer.


Mandriva is currently my favourite Linux distribution.

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Hello, i searched here but i didnt find what i want, so, ill ask..


I got a new 13" macbook pro and im a big fan of Mandriva Linux, ive been using it for long...

Mac OS X is great! Really is, but i would like to have Mandriva Linux installed here as well. So, is that possible?

Will I have any problem? Did you do that already?

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I am sorry friend, but I don't own a real Mac. It should be possible, though.



Ok, no problem. Maybe one day, someone will answer. :)

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