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Logic 7.2 UB USB Audio Recording hum

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Hi there,


Hope your all having a good weekend.


I really need some advice. I have installed everything onto my Dell m1710 laptop and am running at 1920x1200 with macvidia drivers and my USB M-Audio Fast Track Pro.


After disabling one cpu I fixed the stuttering on my OS X86 10.4.6 Goatsecx install and the Fast Track Pro works fine in itunes and using VST's (sorry AU's) in logic. It was my dream come true!


That was until I tried to record audio with the Maudio Fast Track Pro.

As soon as I hit the record button I can hear the clean signal of the guitar mixed in with what can only be described as digital interference. Like a fast gating effect with a digital filter.


It is the last thing I need to sort out and I don't know what to do.


Can anyone please help??? I have read this by M-Audio:



It have 6 USB ports though! Please can someone just tell me how to do this final thing! The Fast Track Pro works fine on the XP boot under SX3 so I know it's not the leads, the FTP itself orthe computer.


Do you think installing the option for 10.4.3 USB kexts in the install will solve it???

If so how do I instal the old kexts without wiping as it took me four days just to get the Macvidia driver to work!


Thanks alot for any help. I really do appreciate it.

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Well it's something to do with maudio drivers I think.

It works fine with both inputs at 16 bit at the loweat latency. Bang it to 24 bit with on input at the largest latency and it's still buzzing away!

Works fine under XP boot at 24 bit with both inputs at lowest latency!


M-audio rewrite your OSX USB drivers you fools!


Hope this helps someone.

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I'm afraid to say its the Dell not the audio drivers.There is a problem with a few dell laptops and there power supplys,they also hum on firewire.Try running on batteries for a test,the hum should disappear.

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