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got windows 7 ultimate working, but after few days working, now black screen

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after a lot of trouble I got windows 7 ultimate working on my iMac 27" 3.06 ghz jan. 2010 (bootcamp 3.1) with ATI videocard. I used the usb stick trick (with master boot) during installation, and I got it working. So I moved on, installed some small programs. 2 days later I wanted to use my windows 'side' again, however when I start it, i only get a black screen. And even after a reset i don't even get a question to startup in safemode or something. Just a black screen. Not an intro picture (as I got at the black screens during the installation).


i tried removing atikmdag.sys but didn't work (thought it was a driver issue again, and hoped to solve it this way).


I really thought i had it working. i installed all the updates, all drivers, everything worked, but now I only get a stupid black screen. It is really frustrating.


Hope anyone could help me.






PS the installation was via a burned cd from a friend, i installed it for my work with a company license. However the cd can be a downloaded version (which I am 100% sure is a good version).

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I've been trying this for weeks and can't get it working either. Was yours a fresh install or an upgrade from a different Windows? I'm trying to do a fresh install so if you could let me know what the USB method you used was then i might get into your situation and be able to help find a work around.


The problem i have is, when i try to get the drivers for the graphics/ bluetooth issue i can't as it's an EXE and i am doing a fresh install not an upgrade so i can't do the windows side.





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