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Dual Boot. Now need to reinstall windows. + General Q's


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hi all. current setup is a DELL Inspiron 1520, 4GB Ram, 250 gb hdd. Its been a little workhorse for me! is my main computer for almost three years (!!!).


it is a dual boot with Windows Vista 32-bit, and iAtkos v7 Leopard.


the only way i could get this dual boot to work was to install Windows FIRST. well now that I have both running, I need to reinstall windows (or upgrade to Windows 7). but i am scared that I wont be able to boot back into osx when the new boot loader whipes out the old one. i have an additional question too. all questions below:


- is it possible to do this reinstall without reinstalling osx?


- what is the state of osx these days. iAtkos v7 is BARELY working for me (DELL Inspiron 1520).


many thanks guys!



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