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making a SL 10.6.4 Retail Install DVD

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Hi All.....

I'm fairly new to snowleopard installs, I have got Retail DVD of 10.6.0.. and also downloaded combo update 10.6.4


I searched using different keywords but didn't find anything so posting it here...


I was just wondering, if I can SLIPSTREAM the update pack into retail 10.6 so that when I install from this updated DVD, its 10.6.4 already out of the box.


I need to maintain many MAC laptops as well as desktops & most frequently when we need to upgrade hard drives or deal with system re-installs, this shall save much time.


also I think I can use this properly for some core i5 hackintosh builds as this update gives support for core i5, i7 Processors.


Kindly enlighten......as per a novice...



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I want to know the answer to this as well!


I want 980X and HD5850 support on the DVD rather than the hassle of plugging it into a different Mac.




I just follow this and it is making the image right now.



Seems pretty easy. Adding scripts and making it a one click automated installer for my entire OS and all my Apps is my next goal!

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