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Forgotten administrator name and password

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Help!! I've got a 5 year old 20" imac with osx on it.


I forgot the administrator name/password and I don't have the first os disc - i've upgraded the os to osx. I can't install the os therefore.


How can I 'flatten' my machine and start again? Can I use the os x upgrade disks as my main install disks?


I've been fiddling for weeks with no joy at all.


Thanks, in advance.



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There shouldn't be an issue with it. Reboot to your CD and then change your password. There *should* be a list of names there to choose from iirc, but I haven't done this in a long time.


If not, you can always erase and install it SO LONG AS something weird isn't happening, like you're installing a PPC Mac OS on an Intel Mac or vice versa.

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