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Hardware Problems?


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I'm using the 10.4.6 HOTISO Release.


Now, if i try to boot from the DVD into the Installation, im getting some Errors like


- SAM Multimedia read or write failed

- hdik iokit errors

- unallocated disk space


My Hardware:

ASUS A8N-E (nForce 4 Deluxe)

AMD64 3700+ (Toledo Core - SSE2/3 ready)

MSI Georce 7900GT

Seagate 2 x 200GB SATA Drives

1GB Corsair RAM

SoundBlaster Audigy2ZS


Im trying to Install OSX on an Primary IDE Master 80GB Maxtor Drive. I have disabled the SATA Support during the Install. My DVD Drive is Secondary Master.


Ive tryed the Boot Options -f -x -v but it does't work.


Can anyone help me please? :whistle:

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first things first.


Sounds like the DVD you burned was burned bad. Try reburning.


Second things... well... second, I guess.


Your DVD drive should probably be primary slave (I think it's primary slave, dont quote me. And check around). Otherwise, you may get "Waiting for Root Device" errors.

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Hmm ok, thx for your Answere.


I've tryed the Boot parameter rd=disk0s1 and with this Parameter i dont get these Errors, but theres a new Problem.


After booting with the Parameter rd=disk0s1 and -v i see only an Blue Screen with my Mouse and this for over 10 Minutes (i was under the Shower at this Time, its so hot :whistle:) but nothing happens :(

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