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Bootcamp from external HD

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Hello everyone,


at first sorry for my bad english - i'm german ;)


my problem is: I have a MacBook 2008 Unibody and a OS X 10.6.4. On my external HD (NTFS / MBR) is a Windows 7 Partition. But i can't boot Windows when my OS X HD is in my MacBook. I have to change my external to internal to can boot from MS OS. (i think bootcamp can only boot from internal harddrives, right?) So far i could understand the program refit can be my solution. But when i installed and boot from it Windows want to load but then a black screen with the cursor appears for 2 minutes and then it says "windows can't boot. want to try to repair it?" (or something like this ;) )


Is this a known error and has anyone a solution for my problem? an alternative for refit?


Thanks for your helping

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