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Paradoxxx SL

Snow Leo 10.6.3 1005Ha

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Well, Yesterday I've installed Snow Leo 10.6.3 From iAktos S3.


It Works perfectly, Just one thing...


When I'm listening to music With Itunes, I close the lid, then My eeepc go to sleep,


How can I change that?





And then, when it wakes up, I've just a black screen, but I can see that the screen wakes up,


but without Brightness...


So I think It's just a .kext to install, but wich one?



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You can't disable sleep-on-close by default, I'd suggest A) Using the guide from maceee.blogspot.com with a few personal tweaks, with a retail disc (obtain that via your own means) and then :rolleyes: Installing InsomniaX.


I also have a 1005HA, so I can be of assistance with the maceee guide

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