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Gateway LT2016u

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Wondering if anyone has had any luck getting OS X on this netbook? Verizon is currently offering it for $30 with a 2 year contract. I'll pay $30 for a decent OS X netbook.


Here is the best specs page I have found so far:



I know Atom has decent if not great support.

Lists Intel 945 as video, assume it is a GMA950 so good to go there (though Second Life will prolly suck)

Not sure about the WiFi, Audio, and importantly the 3G modem.

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I did in fact get 10.5.3 on here but I still need to get the Wifi, Video, Usb to work !

runs fast and is really stable. now all we need to do is hammer out the bugs and we will have another OsX86 netbook to add to the pile :)

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I have 10.6.3 finally running with internet (bought a dell mini wireless) but I need help with the sound. I know it will work just not sure what I have to do. If anyone can help I appreciate it.



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I tried voodoohda.kext-- worked liked a charm.. now all i got left is wifi driver for lt2016u gateway netbook. any assistance.. Thank you





USB install


Retail 10.6.0 updated to 10.6.2 seems stable, have not tried Mic Sound( who cares lol) or Ethernet I believe there is a kext out there some where. (AtherosLEthernet)

I was having trouble looking for drivers for wifi too but finally opted out to a Dell 1390

Best Way to get wireless is to get a DW1390( even Rev 00 works) and cover pin 20 with electrical tape recognized as Airport

If you turn the card over you will see pin 18 marked just cover the pin to its left.

works perfectly and no looking back trust me.

about to try DW1490 and 0N204H also from a Mini 9 to see it they work

Need help in getting to 10.6.3 -.5 since Mach kernel is restricted on atom proc. I believe?!?!?!

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