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Can't find a 1394b (Firewire 800) internal 5.25" bay

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I've been searching the vast oceans of the internet for hours in an attempt to find a 1394b (Firewire 800) 5.25" internal bay. My plan is to run it to a PCI card with an internal 1394b connector.


Here is the PCI card I plan on using that has the 1394b connector.


7-Port NitroAV FireWire 800/1394b & USB2.0/1/1 ComboProfessional PCI Host Adapter Interface


I'd really prefer not to spend $90 on that either, but it's all I can find with the internal 1394b connector that I could feed to a 5.25" bay.


Ideally, the 5.25" bay would have 1394a/b, eSATA, and USB 2.0. I don't feel like that's a tall request but apparently I'm in the minority here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Alright well here is my final setup I'm going to order. I found a card with a 10-pin 1394b internal connector. Also going to order a little adapter for my existing 1394a card so I can hook that up to the Intel front panel bay.


Intel 1394a/b usb 2.0 front panel bay


Aaxeon FireWire 400(1394A)/800(1394B) 4 Port PCI Express Controller Card - for the Power Macintosh G5 "Dual Core" and "Quad Core", Mac Pro Systems. Fully bootable!


IEEE 1394 CABLE 1' - 6 PIN M TO 2X5 M

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