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Hackintosh i7 Problems


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Hi, i have built a hackintosh system with the specs of.


i7 920


2x3 DDR3 RAM

9800GTX nVidia


used v7 Atkos w/Chameleon 2








WIFI - Big issues regarding IONetworking.kexts/replaced it several times... using a Belkin USB with Ralink Utility

i have experimented with many PCI wireless cards.. but none seem to work, or maybe its the board? who knows..

- planning to buy a native "out of the box" D-Link (Rangebooster N" 650 Desktop Adapter - DWA-547 w/ AIRPORT)

-In "About this Mac" Airport/Network - Nothing is detected as a wireless card.. :S


TIME MACHINE - Unable to find network error.. cant find a solution.


GRAPHICS CARD - VGA IS WORKING WELL.. HDMI is very blurry on second display? - issue >_<

- i have another 9800GTX planning to follow aqua-mac's dual graphics card guide..

-9800GTX Strings are added + loaded with kext + Enabled Quartz + Other..




Any help is appreciated guys! .. been stressing over these issues because the Ralink Utility can be annoying sometimes.. but internet on a mac is internet.. along with a blurry second HDMI screen.. and no Time Machine to back my work up. Thanks again!

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WiFi Issues

There could either be a small issue or a million small issues with the WIFI, i find other than installing that is by far the most problematic feature. You should be able to go to the Apple (Top Right) and select: "About My Mac --> More Info" and under networking, if your card is found it will just say "Air Port Card" it will never be specific about the actual type (At least to my knowledge). I recently bought a new Wireless N Desktop Card from Netgear (RangeMax Next Wireless-N PCI - WN311B) and was never able to get it running. I was told by the Fry's salesman that it was the best in stock, yada yada, and it was certainly the most expensive. Anyway, the point is, I never got it working, and my home router is still Wireless-G, so I just re-installed my old G Adapter which has always worked (Don't ask why a uselessly bought a wireless-N adapter
). The working card I have and use now is the D-Link WDA-1320. It works great and No problems for about a year now.


Time Machine Issues

As far as the Time Machine; I believe you need to have two types of Internet Connections (i.e. Wired & Wireless), but I could be wrong. They don't both have to be working however. What I did to get mine working was simple and free. I have an Android Eris on Verizon, and I use a app. called "PdaNet" to tether my network (use my Verizon 3G as my internet connection) whenever my internet is down, or whatever. Any who, the computer side of the app. is free and available on mac. All you have to do is download it, install it, and restart. PdaNet will automatically add a new network connection for your phone which you don't even have to use, you can simply disable it. I'm not 100% on that, but I was backing up manually for the longest time until I installed PdaNet and therefore had a Wifi & LAN connection. I fired up Time Machine and Wala! It was working! :lol:

If You're interested, here is the program to download: (even if you don't have an android phone)


Display Issues

To be honest; I'm shocked you even got HDMI to work, I have yet to fix s-video on a very common video card on these forums. Anyway, I wouldn't suggest going out and buying a bunch of extra stuff to make it work. If you have the money to spend, save it and get a real Intel Mac when you can. You would be much happier :(




I wasn't too clear on your WiFi situation, however, you should always attempt the common work around:

"Settings --> Network --> Diagnosis -->"

"Air Port" should then be checked. Click next; if the card is even a little installed, it will scan and find local networks.


All The Best,


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Thanks Eric so much for the quick reply!..


Ill give the Time Machine a go with the PdaNet :).. wish me luck haha..


Also.. with the graphics my mistake.. it was the VGA that was clear and DVI that was blurry.. the HDMI works though.. but is the same quality as the DVI, is there any work around this?. My initial plan was to Dual/Tri screen with two graphics cards.. but the setup is now 1 x 9800GT with the VGA/DVI ports being used



I know what you mean! i asked even people that have knowledge of wifi cards IN real intel macs... they would tell me to buy one on ebay and it would be detected natively in Airport.. but they didn't get enough training i guess.. with the current Belkin USB Adapter.. funny thing is i've had that since 5 years ago and i've learnt that older devices don't really go out of use :) .. plus with the other stack of Netgear WG311 and ect on my shelf


Hackintosh > Real Intel Mac.

I like the idea of knowing your own issues and having a large database of information.. plus i have the money to spend.. i already own 2 x iMac "24" .. MacBookPro.. iPhone ect.. All Apple, wanted to work on customizing one since i built computers for a living haha..


Thanks again eric!



Don't lie ;) it is a real mac! i put the Apple sticker to make it a genuine one hahah :)

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Time Machine - Does not work with PdaNet, any other suggestions? :D


Wifi - Is there a custom way to add my device so it functions WITH airport...? and not detected as a USB Ethernet (enx) in Network.. Currently i have nothing showing up as Airport


Display - have not yet experimented with Aqua-mac methods for dual graphics card

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Wifi Issues

-Replaced any false cards collected from osx86 wiki and used a Mini PCI -> PCI-E Adapter with BCM43xx. Genuine Airport


Time Machine

-ToH Kext didn't work for me. [but for most v7 iAtkos] :(



-Added EFI Ethernet String [en0] Or.. Step 3


-Deleted Library/Pref/SystemPref/Networkinterfaces. and reconfigured.



Display Issues

-Only DVI Output screen is blurry? <- lost.

-OSx86 Tools only smoothed animations on VGA Output...

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