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installation successful. cant boot?


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so i think i installed successfully because i got to the reboot screen and clicked it. i dont know how to get into osx on reboot. i have suse 10.0 installed on the same drive and grub as the bootloader. i made an entry for osx and think i pointed it to the right partition but when i choose to boot that entry it prints something really fast and just returns to the bootloader. i think it just echoes my partition entry from the grub file i edited in linux. what should i do?


asus p5ld2

pentium 930

10.4.6 jas image

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get yourself this: hiren boot tools, download it burn .iso to a disk and boot from it

a collection of partitioning and boot-tools such as bootmagic

wich will alow you to choose the os,


also make sure that your osx partition is a primary one,

i'm only a noob but this worked for me,

now triple booting ubuntu,winxp and osx86


I used this post:




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