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best drivers for Nvidia

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What is the best way for getting the best performance out of nvidia cards?

I have GTS 250 1gb and now i am using grafic enabler?

What gives the best performance? Grafic enabler or efi string or what else? :)


I play TF2 so i need the best performance out of GPU



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Just following on from Beerkex't's link to our previous thread, since then I have done various tests using DSDT string patching, and for me, the test results with GraphicEnabler are as good as anything else I have tried. So, for simplicity, that is what I use.

(Still can't get Mirror Display to work with anything though!)

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Well everything looks to work good.

But in about this mac i dont see my GPU correct name.

I've attached screen shot of what it is showing.


May this affect any performance? because i am getting worse performance on games with my GTS 250, that some guys on real mac pros with 9600gt which is way worse then mine




I am using graphic enabler, and i've added device id in to some kexts

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