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On-Board Firewire powered by Via's VT6306 not working

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I'm running Leopard (Vanilla 10.5.8) on an Asus P5KPL-VM. While everything else works like a dream (that's my everyday machine), the last thing I can't get to work is the Firewire interface.


This motherboard has an embedded firewire interface build on the Via VT6306 chipset (as reported by lspci). As far as I understand reading the forums, this chipset should be recognized out of the box by OSX.


Sadly, it isn't in my case : the system information tool reports 'no interface installed' or something.


Reading the lspci output, I remarked that the PCI "slot" was equal to 4, which is quite unusual. Do you guys think that it could be the reason why this interface isn't working ?


What is the kext name that should be loaded for this peripheral ?


Any advice to get it working ? I'd like to use to hook a DV-CAM.





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