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First install for Retail

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Okay...I have purchased a retail of Snow Leopard. And I have tested LeoHazzard 10.6 running on my AMD 4600+ (939) socket ecs kn1 sli lite w/ NF4 chipset, evga 9800GT 512 G92 Superclocked Edition card. All working well decent for the time being.




I have the LeoHazzard 10.6.3 iso dual booted with Windows 7 x64. With Chameleon RC4 and EasyBCD.1.7.2 now. But I would like to start from scratch. Only using what I need, and nothing more.


1. How do I boot my Retail disc.?

2. What Kernel should I use, and how to install it into SL?

3. How can I Modify my Retail SL with required drivers ?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


below are images of my hardware specs:


hwinfo1.jpg hd1.jpg evga1.jpg dvd1.jpg display1.jpg hwinfo3.jpg hwinfo2.jpg

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I get this error: IsoLinux3.63 2008-04-10 isolinux: Found something at drive = A2 isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry... Boot failed: press any key... Using the empireEFI 1085AMD


I have used nawcom's boot disc as well...


Now, funny thing is, that I am able to run Leohazard.iso with no problems, which is running Snow Leopard 10.6.1 and 2, with ....Legacy Kernel, ElliotForce, AMD, X11, MarvelYokon88E8056, And Graphic Enabler. ?


How can i use those settings with the Retail disc that I have, to properly boot and install SL. ?

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