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Asus rampage extreme with cpu problems and ddr3 memory issues

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hey guys really sorry to bother you i was wondering is there a way to just press enter to start osx instead of pressing arch=i386 or busratio=20 also when i go to about this mac it is showing up as a intel xeon processor not a core i7 and the ram is showing up as ddr2 not ddr3 any solutions please help thanks again and here is my specs also i am using the distro hazard can some who has used this please tell me what drivers to install. thanks again


intel core i7 920

asus rampage extreme 2

corsair ddr3 1600

asus dvd burner

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Thanks kilroy, I'll add that to the guide. It's SMbustype if you're using Chameleon 2.0 RC4 btw.

thanks for the response but can u just explain in simple terms being i am a noob and already have osx 10.6.2 installed


You're funny...sorry, but I'm not going to rewrite the whole guide just for you. :blink:


Read the guide, then ask specific questions about the parts that you don't understand.

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