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Maximus Formula + Snow Leo 10.6.3 Retail DVD = Kernel Panic !


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Hi everyone !


I am having issues trying to boot Snow Leopard 10.6.3 (10.6.3 retail DVD from store) on my Asus Maximus Formula (bios 1403) + nvidia geforce 8 GTS 640


Package used is the one from below thread's 1st post except new fakesmc + new nullappleintelcpu + removed dsmos as advised




Here is what I do :


- Install from a restored dmg to usb stick + chameleon 2.0 rc3 or from mounted dmg in snow old snow leo 10.6.1 (both install work !)

- Install of chameleon 2.0 rc3

- nothing modified in System/Lybrary/Extensions <==> maybe I am missing something here

- Add Extra + themes to /

- UUID added to PlatformUUID.kext

- gfx string added to com.apple.boot.plist

- repair permissions




- First + following boot give me a kernel panic no matter what I do !


Can someone running 10.6.3 on the same mobo give me a hint or describe his install procedure and files used


I was also wondering if all the procedures around are only for 10.6 + upgrades or does it work for retail 10.6.3 DVD from store ?


thanks for your help

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Hi, why don't you do it the simpler way ?


You can use Chameleon, Empire EFI or even RebelEFI


it is much simpler then all the actual stuff you are trying to do, if you are using a usb stick

because you don't have any CD player the just restore it onto a usb stick all the isos are more or less

from 30MB to 200MB, so a 256MB usb stick will be okay for your procedure.


you know, booting the iso, then booting the Retail DVD using the EFI and then that's it or even use a cracked

version which has all the kexts all ready included in the installation so that you are able to select them right before

installing snow leopard. At that point it will boot easily. The cracked version are even better for another reason, they are able to boot with all sorts of kernels, so whatever cpu you'll have it will certainly boot :)

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