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RAID 0 ? dual booting?


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I have this system:


A64 3500+ Venice (ss3)

MB Asus A8N-E ( nforce 4 ultra)


2x HD 80GB SATA em RAID 0


its possible install osX86 (i have 10.4.6 Hotiso) with RAID 0 ? and using a dualbooting with XP ?


If is, please give some help



Ricardo- (Brasil)

ps. sorry about my poor english

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As you could see in my topic I also tried to install using HotISO but I got an error stating that it could not find the ACPI driver and then kernel panic. I would not trust this installation disc.


Secondly I think you can forget the RAID 0, I only could get my S-ATA working by configuring it as legacy, which means it emulates IDE to the OS. When I configured it 'enhanced' which allows intel matrix storage (raid), the installer did not found my drives.

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