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Install Upgrade VMWare Workstation 7.1 (Mistake?)

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Well I was notified my VMWare Workstation had an upgrade, which I installed and my SnowLeopard Install no longer works... "Operating System not Found"....


Was this a boo-boo to install? Ubuntu and the rest work fine.

Jerry, to duplicate the response in the other topic your posted this request, as stated, you need to re-install the darwin iso following an update / upgrade, in general the update / upgrades uninstall and re-install Workstation 7, so ideally, uninstall the darwin iso before doing the upgrade and then install once the update / upgrade has finished. To maintain control disable automatic tools update in the Edit -> Preferences settings, as recommended by Donk in a previous post.


Ubuntu and other directly supported guestOS's will work fine, but OS X needs the extra step to initiate the new signature file.

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