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Overview Guide Using Empire EFI

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You should be able to do it, IF it works then you can USE both Snow Leopard and Windows 7 as a dualboot.


Note: This is a guide for installing Snow Leopard not the old Leopard


If you want to use the older version on OSX which is 10.5 aka Leopard get the iDeneb 1.4 ( 10.5.6) from the usual places


I will guide you in few parts to keep things simple


PART 1 : Preperation


Step 1 : Goggle for Empire EFI. ( Empire EFI is better ! )


Step 2: It should be available in a iso format. So slow burn ( 12x ) to a dvd. Yes these are the boot loaders and you might want to have two handy rather than 1


Step 3: Go to any Apple of Apple Reseller and buy Snow Leopard Retail DVD ( Costs about $29 ) OR Go ask one of your friends or neigbours and burrow one ( NOTE : The dvd which is shipped with any Mac, iMac, Mac book is not compatible - You need the retail version )


Step 4: After you get your hand on them. You need to change few things in your Motherboard BIOS. IF you have a spare SATA hard drive handy plug it in and disconnect your Windows boot hard drive to minimize accidental formatting.


Step 5: Go to your motherboard BIOS set up and change the storage type from SATA/ IDE to AHCI ( Advance Host Controller Interface ) . Please note when connecting SATA cables to motherboard, it should be connected to your Intel South bridge disk controller. NOT the Marvell chip.


***** On P6T Deluxe this is the Dark Red SATA ports ( If unsure please refer Motherboard User manual )


Step 6: ATI graphic cards are known to give errors during installation ( from prior experience with most boot loaders ) It is advised to get your hands on a cheap nVidia graphics card. Any 8000 or 9000 series card will do ( cheack ebay for a cheap second hand 8400GS or 8600 GT) IF cannot dont worry but be prepared to greet with Kernel panics during the process


Step 7 : Use the Empire EFI boot DVD / CD and enter it in to your DVD rom drive. Make sure that in BIOS you have set the boot priority for DVD/CD first then Hard Drive


Restart your computer and on reboot the CD should start loading Empire EFI un to your RAM, this might take a minute or two.

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Part 2 : Installation


When Empire EFI loadsit should look like this



Step 1:


Now eject the Empire EFI CD/DVD from your DVD drive and enter the APPLE Snow Leopard Retail DVD in tour drive.


Step 2:


Wait for 30 seconds and press F5 on your keyboard.


Step 3:


Now you should be able to see the MAC OSX intallation option screen. Press TAB KEY and you should see a screen similar to this



Choose the appropriate one which indicates the MAC OSX installation disc by using UP DOWN arrow keys.


Step 4:


Now just type "-x -v" without the quotations and press enter. (a single space between -x and -v )


Note : -x is the Safe Mode , while booting in safe mode you might be able to get in to th3e MAC OSX installation screen after about 5 - 15 minutes


-v is Verbose mode. It shows every process in a text form. This is helpfull if your installer gets stuck and you need to report this to the guys on the forums for help !


Note 2 : If you do not get to the boot screen in 30 minutes repeat Part 2 few times.


Note 3 : If you see a jagged screen of grey and white or some other colour, it is most probably due to your graphics card being ATI ( this can be fixed after the installation but DOES NOT HELP during the installation process ) I do recommend you alt east lend a nVidia card from a friend or buy a cheap one


Step 5:


Ones you get to the installer screen



go to the top

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