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Mac Mini single core to Merom

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I am planing on buying a mac mini rather soon... and I found this artical of someone upgrading their mini mac with a Merom core (i didn't know they where out... he must be magical or something.)...


I guess my question is would it be safe to upgrade a cheap single core mini mac to a duel core Merom when they come out? Or should I spend a few extra bucks for a duel core cpu that I wont use?


Secondly, I am planing on buying ram to put in my mini... is the ram apple sells way better? or just extreamly overpriced? Should I just buy some cheap ram from newegg?



Sorry if I'm repeating some questions... I'm a horrible searcher... when it comes to fourms.

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As long as the CPU is socketed, you should be ok with an upgrade. I'm not totally familiar with the mini, so I don't know any specifics. The motherboard will slow things down a bit, since it won't have as big a pipe as the newer merom-ready ones.


As for RAM, go elsewhere. There should be a few threads in this forum that will help you look!

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