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ntfs cause kernel panic!

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I installed my Snow Leopard and it worked well in past days. These days, a problem arise. My Snow Leopard always got kernel panic while shutting down. The first line told me this:

ntfs_buf_iodone(): ni != vol->mft_ni\n"@/SourceCache/ntfs/ntfs-65.2/kext/ntfs_vnops.c:242

I tried to flush kext cache, run chkdsk /X /F /R on all my NTFS drivers and got no effect.

Could you help me? thx!!

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If you don't need ntfs, move it out of /S/L/E and clear extensions. This is odd though. You might want to post the output of the kernel panic as a whole (I know it's a pain to write it down, but it might be helpful).

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