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HDD Problems (hope this is the right forum to post in)

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Hey everyone! I have installed MacOSX86 some days ago and im trying to figure out the last really annoying thing that stops me from switching completely :-)


I got everything to work except my hdds.

1) I created a boot partition and installed mac os on it - and this partition is working great!

2) I also converted my music-partition (30gb) to fat32 so i can listen to my music both on windows and mac os - also working great


but now comes the messy part

3) i took a 200gb disk and wiped it, then formatted it under mac os (hfs+)

4) i installed macdrive on my pc and started copying some stuff to it from my other partitions (e.g. mac software i wanted to install)

5) when i now boot into mac os (10.4.6) every 2nd time i get an "could not initialize disk" error while the other times my drive appears normaly and i can browse files, but not open a single one of them (io error).



What did i do wrong? and is my data lost now? :blink:



Regards dlx

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