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[HELP] How to restore Mac OS X to previous boot display settings?


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Hi all,


Really hope someone can help me get out of this rut :) I have a GMA 900 system and in order to boot it, I have to connect it to a VGA dongle/ external monitor.


The trouble was that before I took out the external VGA cable (i.e. 2 monitors are active in OS X's eyes, the laptop's LCD and the external monitor), I accidentally clicked the "Mirror Display" option from the Display preferences.


This made the external monitor and the LCD screen blue (blue screen of death). On reboot, the external monitor now mirrors the LCD screen (which is a blue screen of death).


Does anyone know how to disable the mirror option (it's not availlable from the Display panel until both screens are connected, and if they are, the BSOD will happen)? Or is there a way to restore an older boot settings during the boot?


Thanks anyone :(

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