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FS: E7600 Hackintosh!


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Hi Guys,


I am putting my hackintosh up for sale because a friend of mine is offering me a Mac Pro at a really good price and I'd like to seize the opportunity. I'll probably end up building another hackintosh, this whole experience of building and using this machine has been a lot of fun, mostly thanks to everyone on this board for providing such great information and advice!


Here are the specs:


CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case (have both side panels for the case, Plexi window and Mesh)


Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Motherboard


Intel E7600 Core2Duo clocked at 3.06GHz stock


Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Air Cooler


4GB (2 x 2GB) G.Skill PC2-8500 DDR2 RAM


BFG GeForce 7900GT 512MB DDR3 PCI-E x16 Card with Dual DVI out (has always run 2 x 22" displays without issue)


3 Westen Digital Blue 7200RPM 500GB Hard Drives (one has been used for OS X, one for iTunes, one for internal Time Machine)


2 LG DVD Burners (SATA) (OEM Bulk)


Antec TruePower Blue 750W Power Supply (overkill)


Logitech Pro 9000 Web Cam


Apple Bluetooth Keyboard


Apple Magic Mouse



I used the LifeHacker Installer to Install Snow Leopard. The System shuts down and sleeps flawlessly, Apple bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse work perfectly, although the Magic Mouse scrolling doesn't work in 10.6.0. I'm sure upgrading to 10.6.3 with the new LifeHacker Installer would be easy, I just haven't felt like going on the adventure yet. The fan speed control dial on the top of the case is not hooked up, I connected 4 out of the 5 fans to the board so they can be throttled by the bios. Only 1 Ethernet port works in OS X which as far as I know is standard when using this board for a hackintosh. For whatever reason OS X shows the processor clocked at 3.1GHz, the bios shows the correct 3.06GHz, the chip has never been over clocked. I can't think of any other pertinent info off the top of my head so ask away if you have any questions.


I've been using this, without issue, as my primary home computer since I finished it in January.


All in all I have a little bit over $1000 into the computer with all the peripherals and stuff, I'm open to any reasonable offers, just need to offset the cost of the Mac Pro as much as I can. I hate when people don't provide a price but I honestly don't know what to ask for, most of you guys on this board could build a system yourselves so its not like I can make money on the labor lol.


I'll entertain any reasonable offer.









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