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How does your Hackintosh boot up

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I am a person who has worked in the computer industry for many years but not as a programmer. I am primarily a hardware tech who has finally got his home built PC running MacOS 10.6


As a former UNIX administrator, I have some knowledge about how UNIX works but the boot process is different on every machine.


I "kind of" understand how the PC Bios works but mirroring the Mac hardware EFI boot BIOS is a mystery and I would like to understand it. I do understand that a MAC has the SMC (System Management Controller) on a special chip to decode "Don't Steal MacOS.kext". fakesmc.kext allows us to load and run a RETAIL MacOS X operating system.


I also understand that there are devices on the Motherboard that need drivers to assist that startup. It also seems that the EFI BIOS on the MAC can boot from any bootable device when choosing Startup Disk but not on a HacMac because the boot loader is on the disk drive.


There seems to be another loader (GRUB) that can startup different OS's on a PC and I wonder if there is something like this available for a HacMac.


Lots of question I would like to ask if any of you are able.

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